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Board Performance Assessment
QuadBoard is a board governance, best practice assessment. The assessment is completed by board members and indicates how they are performing in the critical areas of their fiduciary responsibilities as board members. Whether it be Sarbanes-Oxley or other board-related imperatives, this assessment supports the needs of organizations that are committed to board effectiveness.
Specific areas covered within the assessment include:
  • Board Composition
  • Board Committees
  • Board & CEO Compensation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Procedures
  • Board Interaction
  • Board Information
  • Board and CEO Effectiveness
Developed utilizing primary and secondary research, this assessment reflects the latest in governance best practices. In addition to a series of comprehensive charts and tables, the complete set of reports features a "Board Performance Index" and an overall "Report Card".
HOW consultants and professional advisors use the assessment:
  • Establish current baseline of board's performance
  • Identify critical gaps in key areas of board effectiveness
  • Measures degree of alignment among board members
  • Measures level of awareness of key board responsibilities
  • Provides educational program for board members' continuous education
  • Enables boards to quantify their interaction and effectiveness as a board
  • Complies with board self-assessment requirements
WHY consultants and professional advisors use the assessment:
  • Fact-based instrument that supports their practice focus
  • Less time gathering data - more time developing solutions
  • One low annual subscription fee - no transaction fees
  • Increase billings
  • Marketing tool
  • Continuous learning
  • Compete with larger firms
  • Build relationships through use over time
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Client Testimonials
"The QuadRed assessment provided my client with critically useful information that could not have be collected and analyzed by any other credible means on such a short notice. I firmly believe that it was the linchpin for addressing the primary issues of the plan. Without using the QuadStrat assessment, I don't believe that the team would have been anywhere near as successful in addressing the CEO's primary issues."

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Carmel, CA
Client Testimonials
"QuadLead has become an integral part in our Leadership Development Programme for Caribbean businesses. The Leadership Assessment areas and how the results are presented focuses our clients on the core competencies and capabilities needed to achieve their transformation goals in a fast changing and globally challenging business environment. Equally leaders are motivated to engage in meaningful conversations on their business relationships and performance. The QuadLead assessment is also a valuable tool for our Balanced Scorecard clients in scoring and tracking the performance of their leadership."

Platinum Member